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Claire Redfield

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August 9th, 2006


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Is Desai always this painful?

July 25th, 2006

001: Well.

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Isn't this just so damn peachy. And me without my grenades.

November 6th, 2005

(no subject)

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[ Eva Stuff || 001 | 002 | 003 }{ Sparda Stuff || 001 ]

And here, Eva Spencer believed a trip to the Far East would be a good experience.Collapse )

Sadly, more DMC AUness.

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The soft hiss of Father Tomas' oil lapmp was about the only sound in the small chamber as the young woman loped in; other than his finger sliding along the pages of an aged, tattered Bible, that was. He was an old, spiteful man, and avoided the demon huntress for all the years she operated within the Church, like she was a demon herself. He cocked his head to the side when she entered, eyeing her attire. Read more...Collapse )

September 29th, 2005

Challenge from a friend, met in crappiness.
Read more...Collapse )

August 6th, 2005

Incomplete Projects

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Suburban Sparda Family Saturday (Devil May Cry)
[Chapter 1 || Chapter 2 || Chapter 3 || Chapter 4]

lyrical30 Drabbles - Vergil Sparda (Devil May Cry)
15 || [ 1901 ] ; [ 1905 ] ; [ 1907 ] ; [ 1912 ] ; [ 1914 ]
16 || [ 1919 ] ; [ 1921 ] ; [ 1928 ] ; [ 1932 ] ; [ 1936 ]
17 || [ 1938 ] ; [ 1941 ] ; [ 1945 ] ; [ 1946 ] ; [ 1952 ]
18 || [ 1956 ] ; [ 1961 ] ; [ 1963 ] ; [ 1969 ] ; [ 1972 ]
19 || [ 1974 ] ; [ 1976 ] ; [ 1981 ] ; [ 1984 ] ; [ 1987 ]
20 || [ 1992 ] ; [ 1995 ] ; [ 1999 ] ; [ 2001 ] ; [ 2005 ]
The banging and clanging within Djose Temple made Paine hesitate even entering. She didn't want to be there, but because she worked with a bunch of cowards, there was no choice.

A deep breath taken, fists clutched at her sides, Paine stalking into the temple, almost tripping over a tiny, crawling machina--nay--machine the second she passed through the doors. What a wonderful way to start, she grumbled in though as she proceeded deeper into the mechanical maze the residing Machine Faction had turned the temple into. Inside, the banging was horrednous as it echoed through the choir chamber.

It was nearly alarming, and Paine tensed as she got closer to it...

But the need for alarm faded the instant she peeked around a large craft and found none other than Gippal...

...beating the crap out of some complex, waist-high machine with a hammer.

"I--will show--you--" he said as he hammered away, bits of machine flying all over, "--to--spark--at--me--"

A bright flash of light flared through the chamber as the machine sparked and Gippal yelped, withdrawing; the hammer clattered to the floor. Paine winced a moment, before musing and sashaying forward. "Issues, Gippal?"

Gippal jerked and looked over at her. "What're you doin' here, P?" he asked. In an attempt to regain some dignity, he straightened up and ran a hand through his hair; he winced then, recalling that, hey, he had icky black oil on his hand (along with other icky, sticky things) and now it was in his blonde hair. Black. Blonde... But, to his credit, he acted like he meant to do that. No, really, he did.

"I have a message to deliver," she replied. She folded her arms over her chest, mocking the grease incident with her eyes.

At first, Gippal scowled before looking overly amused. "Paine? Playing messenger girl? Heheh, my, how the mighty have fallen."

Paine's response was pushing her knuckle into his good eye. Gippal yelled out and slapped her hand away. "Vilg! What was that for?!"

"Rikku," Paine replied, calm despite.

Gippal viciously rubbed away the residual pressure-pain before glaring at her. "Rikku told you to do that?!" he exclaimed.

"Of course not," Paine snort. "She wanted me to take a groin shot, but I'm not that mean."

Gippal gaped. "So you decided to blind me instead?!"

"Would you have rathered I compressed your favorite piece of plumbing to your pelvis instead?"

"Hey now..."

"Mmhmm." Paine waved passively and turned to leave. Her job was done, and she completely ignored the romping footsteps that followed her along for the temple-front.

"What'd I do anyway?" he asked as he plodded after her. "I haven't seen her in months to do anything!"

No response was given until Paine had pushed open the temple exit and turned back to look at him. "You exist, therefore you deserve, young shopuf." And then she disappeared from the doorway.

Indeed, that went well, and the "You suck, Dr. P," that followed her as she departed made it feel all the more satisfying.

Yeah, so this is me saying that I'll be using this journal primarily for fanfic writings. Most likely I'll actually LJ cut them, but I'm just trying to catch attention! Bwah.

Uh, if you want my new personal journal, friend purgatory! *shrugs*

May 13th, 2005

(no subject)

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This is specifically for divinecomedy and piratsuu, but please, enjoy as you please!

And nope, no LJ Cut this time either.

The contest had been a vicious one thus far. Harsh, with intent of snarkiness. Pain, headaches, and jealousy were thick in the air.

Round One had been a tickling competition, which resulted in an enraged boyfriend getting bludgeoned with half a door by another spectator. Yes. Half a door. No winners.

Round Two was the snarkfest. She held her own rather well, until a well-placed snark about eating her animals was shot out, putting her to tears. Winner? Him, but he made sure to make her laugh afterwards.

Round Three was just asinine. How ccould he have hoped to outdo her incessant wailing? Even a window cracked. Yelling match indeed. And so the score was tied.

Round Four simply consisted of a violent game of footsie. He kicked her in the shin so hard it'd be bruised for a week after she kicked him in the groin. Another victory of tears for him when she resigned. And no, she wasn't the one crying that time.

Round Five leveled the score again when they were to see who could program a VCR/DVD player first. He was still choking over the concept of the power button by the time she had it set to the atomic clock and playing Troy on two TV sets. The concussed boyfriend was so proud.

Round Six? He won, simply, because the judges found the fact that the water balloon she lobbed at her head didn't break, and dropped her for exactly twelve minutes, thirty-two seconds.

Round Seven was close, as both were astute bellydancers. But the judges chose her, hot and panting as they were. He didn't deny the victory. Damn female hips and their rolling hippiness'o'sexy.

Round Eight was the tie breaker. Staring contest. 20 minutes into it and neither had looked away. She'd gotten fidgetty, but still held on. He was losing amusement. He'd ordered Mud Sluts XIII on Pay-Per-View for his brother, if only to fluster him to death, and that was on in under an hour.

It was then that Dante threw his hands in Rikku's face and wiggled and flailed them rapidly, belting out a Xena-like screech. Hey, and he never looked away either. Win!

The rapid movement and noise, oh so sudden, made Rikku recoil in surprise and confusion. She held her head and whimpered, "No fair!"

Gippal too held his [bandaged] head and muttered at her, "You're going back on the Prozac."

Dante hopped to his feet and patted Rikku on the head. She grr'ed, upon deaf ears. "That was fun!" he said. "But, unfortunately, my Al Bhed bludgeoning brother--" He gestured to his elder twin, who was eye lusting the half a door Dante previously confiscated after Vergil whacked Gippal. "--and I must go watch silicon lube queens wield vibrating devices on and against and in their muddy co-stars for hours of orgasmatronic fun!"

Gippal quirked his exposed eyebrow in, looking intrigued; Vergil glared at the younger twin. "I hate mud," the elder said.

"C'mon, you asexual bastard. I didn't spend $7.99--plus tax--on a movie just so we could sit here and abuse the amazingly hysterical blonde duo all night." He took hold of Vergil's arm and tugged him for the door.

Vergil was amazingly compliant. "But... I rather enjoy it," he retorted.

"I know you do, buddy." Dante gave him two pats on the back. "That's your computer class is for."

That familiar sense of dread returning, Gippal put his hand to his face. "Greeeaaat," he muttered.

May 11th, 2005

Blame milkmoon for this!

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This is what happens when I have too much time on my hands and have spoken too much about this stuff to Amanda.
Dante wasn't sure how he always got caught up in these situations, but yet again, there he was, sitting in a bar, at a table, across from Claire Redfield. It wasn't necessarily a bad thing, mind you. A few beers into the night for the both of them, and stalker (her) and asshole (him) were united in friendly chatter. Okay, mostly chatter of killing monsters and getting laid, but it was friendly! Really.

When Claire ordered for Vodka, Dante quirked an eyebrow, but said nothing. He was good about it, as he wouldd swear on Trish's life that he held his alcohol like a pureblood Irishman--spinning room and slurred speech aside. But when Claire began to wobble in her stool and sloshed Vodka over the sides of her glass as she poured it, Dante had to ask, "Should you be drinking so much?" Sure, his S's sounded like Th's, but he was not drunk.

"It's okay," she insisted through gurglish giggles. The Redfield coughed and forced herself to sit painfully straight. "I'm Native American!" Dante was honestly proud with how clear she said that.

"Are you?" he mused over the rim of his glass. It was followed by incessant blinking to get his vision to straighten.

"Yep!" Claire bobbed her head dramatically--to a degree that it even hurt Dante. "Fiftyyyy pershent English! Fiftyyyy perchent... Twatatache! I c'n handle mah firewater, shanks much."

She went to down her glass as Dante pondered aloud. "Waiiiit, didn't 'firewater' contribute to the fall of the Native American culture?"

So perfect, there should have been a camera, did Claire topple from her stool to the floor. The glass clattered nearby, but by some miracle remained intact. Ever the help, Dante reached over and took hold of her half-empty Vodka bottle--after checking to make sure Claire was out for the count. Or at least not getting up anytime soon.

"Daddy's borrowing your firewater, babe," he said with a hiccup and a snicker, before stuffing the bottle opening against his lips and swigging. When he released the then quarter-full bottle, he let out a happy, half-stifled burp. "You injuns sure have good taste."

"I'm... suing... you... you... discriminating... cheap bastard..." Claire panted, unable to heft herself off the floor.

Bwah. Nope, no LJ cut either!

May 8th, 2005


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For AmandaCollapse )

May 6th, 2005

Ask any of my characters -- canon, AU or OC, past or present -- a question and they'll give you an honest answer. Not necessarily the whole answer, but an honest one.


May 3rd, 2005

(no subject)

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squenix_uni pre......stuff.

Summon, boy, summon V.2Collapse )

May 2nd, 2005

It's not finished, but it's just what I had in mind starting the whole... Vergil/Dante/Sparda/Sierra/Riku/Dominique/and-whoever-else-wants-to-be-in-the-mess event.

Since you said it was "Vergil's show" or something.

Summon, boy, summon!Collapse )
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Newest offer here: http://www.livejournal.com/users/claire_redfield/205683.html

Original offer here: http://www.livejournal.com/users/claire_redfield/203336.html

For Zelda, drakeducaine, a Nightwing short. She told me that I cannot deny my neverending love for comics. This, honestly, was the easiest one of the three DC Comics ones to write... because like... Nightwing's mah homeboy. And stuff.

Nightwing, the dirty, tired, grouchy, angsty bunny.Collapse )

PS: Amanda! I took another Dante icon, but you know I credited as always! I only wanted the gun one, but I hadda take the face shot tooooo. It was only right. Weapon shot for both, and face shot for both!

May 1st, 2005

(no subject)

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I need help making this solid, people! So, since I trust you fine types... gimme advice!

April 27th, 2005

NOT a freaking hitlist P.4

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- drakeducaine
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- violet_raine
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Newest offer here: http://www.livejournal.com/users/claire_redfield/205683.html

Original offer here: http://www.livejournal.com/users/claire_redfield/203336.html

--I'm off to do major RP journal updates, BTW.

#5 = Harley Quinn

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For Brandi, piratsuu. She wanted something to do with Harley Quinn that would cheer her up. Harley's a hard one to write something interesting for without including the Joker, and if anyone knows the kind of relationship Joker and Harley have...

...so, instead, Harley reviews Final Fantasy X-2, and finds a kinship to "Peepu", the skimpy blonde co-star to "Yawna".

To get the ending of this, you have to read the ending of the 4th request/challenge I did.

I'm not responsible for the following words or images.Collapse )

#4 = Catwoman

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For suitcasegnome. FINALLY getting to this, hon. She asked for something--ANYTHING--with Catwoman, s'long as it was COMIC Catwoman, and not the movie Catwoman. What's better than having Catwoman and the ever hormonal Superboy chained to one another, hanging upside down over a vat of acid? Set during the good old days of classic Young Justice. Wayyyyyyyy back in like... 1999? 2000? No, 1998 or 1999, pre-No Man's Land.

You know my letter got published in in an issue of Superboy? Mmhmm. I believe it was issue 88. Look for me! "Carmen Wayne" was the alias I used, from my penname. Check it out!

Cat-fight? Whoo!Collapse )
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