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Claire Redfield
This journal is for use at the RPG tides_of_fate; this was once a private journal, hence bizarre, earlier-dated entries prior to July 25th.

Name: Claire Redfield
Fandom: Resident Evil (RE2, GS2, RECVX)
Age: 24

Affiliations: Unknown group assigned to keep track of former Umbrella employees thought to be a potential, future threat.

Reason in Desai: To investigate possible targets of former Umbrella scientists attempting to regain what they once had.

Allies in Desai: 08-09-06 None.

Enemies in Desai: 08-09-06 None.
anti-umbrella covert operations unit, detective work, dumb luck, family, guns, redfield luck, s.t.a.r.s., siblings, umbrella, virology